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Luxury Q3 2016

Luxury properties, defined as transactions over $3 million, accounted for about 7% of the total number of transactions. Luxury transactions decreased nearly 25% compared to the third quarter of 2015. The majority of the transactions took place in Teton Village largely due tothe success of the Shooting Star Development. Inventory of luxury properties remained high […]

Single Family Q3 2016

This segment of the market had the majority of transactions, about 40% of all the transactions, and an approximate 4% increase in transactions compared to this time last year. Nearly 75% sold this year have been in the $500,000-$2,000,000 price range. There were 4 transactions under $500,000, a 300% increase from 2015. The number sold […]

Vacant Land Q3 2016

The number of vacant land transactions decreased approximately 30%. The quantity of high-priced land transactions contributed to the average and median sale price increases, up 26% and 18%, respectively. Approximately 22% of the transactions took place in the over $2 million price range. Vacant land inventory increased slightly, up about 6%. The average days on […]

Condo & Townhome Q3 2016

Condominium/townhome transactions decreased 15%. The majority of condominium/townhome transactions (about 45%) took place in the $500,000-$1,000,000 price range. This was a 33% increase when compared to the third quarter of last year. Conversely, transactions under $500,000 decreased about 30%. Condominium/townhome inventory decreased by over 25%. Currently, there are only 69 properties on the market and […]

Single-Family Mid-Year 2016

The average and median sale prices decreased -5% and -1%, respectively. There were only two single family home sales under $500,000 and these homes were located north of town in Moran, Wyoming. Single family homes located in the Town of Jackson, where the majority of single family home sales took place, remained roughly the same as […]

Condo & Townhome Mid-Year 2016

The number of transactions in the condominium/townhome segment decreased about 10% compared to the first half of 2015. The average sale price also decreased, down about 10% from this time last year. These decreases may primarily be attributed to the high-end condominium/townhome transactions that took place in the Teton Village area last year. Nearly half […]

Vacant Land Mid-Year 2016

The vacant land segment of the market struggled to keep pace with the first half of 2015, with about 45% fewer transactions. One substantial ranch sale contributed to the average sale price increase, up about 39%. However, the median sale price, decreased about 22%. The majority of vacant land transactions took place in the Teton […]

Luxury Mid-Year 2016

The luxury segment of the market, defined as transactions over $3 million, followed overall market trends, producing about 12% fewer transactions. Majority of transactions, about 65%, took place in the $3 million – $5 million price range. * It is important to note in the luxury segment, the small number of transaction size affects any […]

Jackson Hole 2015 Year End Market Overview

On behalf of our team of dedicated professionals at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, we are pleased to present the 2015 year end comprehensive market report for the Jackson Hole area. The 50th anniversary of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is in full swing this winter season, and we can say the same for the […]

Single-Family 2015 Year End

The single family segment of the market experienced healthy growth in 2015; the number of transactions increased approximately 5%, and total dollar volume increased approximately 14%. The average sale price of a single family home increased by 5%, compared to last year. The median price for a single family home in Jackson Hole was $1,175,000, […]