Condo & Townhome 2015 Third Quarter

The condominium/townhome segment remained strong through the third quarter of 2015 with 190 transactions, up nearly 25%. The average sale price increased an astounding 39%. This increase can be attributed to the sellout of a new luxury townhome development in Teton Village. The median sale price, a more accurate sale price indicator, was $505,000, a 12% increase. There were approximately 17% fewer condominium/townhome transactions under $1 million. Conversely, the number of condominium/townhome transactions over $3 million doubled when compared to last year. The Town of Jackson, where the majority of transactions took place, experienced an approximate 15% increase in average sale price. Condominium/townhome transactions in Teton Village increased nearly 80% largely due to the surge of transactions in the Shooting Star development. The condominium/townhome segment was the only segment of the market where the inventory increased by approximately 7%.