Condo & Townhome 2015 Year End

The condominium/townhome segment finished the year with substantial gains when compared to 2014. The number of transactions increased by 27% and the total dollar volume increased over 75%. This can be attributed to the average sale price and median sale price which increased 32% and 14%, respectively. The distribution of transactions has shifted dramatically over the past year; nearly 15% decrease in transactions under $1 million, a 533% increase in transactions between $2 million-$3 million, and a 100% increase in transactions over $3 million. These increases in the higher price ranges can be attributed in large part to the sellout of the new

Shooting Star townhome development as well as several other transactions in Teton Village. In fact, Teton Village had 76% more transactions when compared to 2014. The Town of Jackson, a hotspot for condominum/townhome activity, experienced about 35% more transactions and an approximate 23% increase in average sale price when compared to last year.