Where’s the best skiing in the US?

Jackson Ski Lift

Image Courtesy of Forbes

Author of a New York Times Bestseller and columnist for Forbes, Christopher Steiner not only ends his Forbes profile page with “I’m a skier,” but also compiled an impressive list of The Top 5 Ski Resorts in the United States.

What’s most exciting about his PAF rating of 99 (Pure Awesomeness Factor):

But the thing that separates Jackson Hole from the rest of North America’s grade-A mountains is that it has, rather impossibly, managed to retain all of its soul. This is still a place where the best skiers in the world, before skiing off of 50-foot cliffs, gulp down waffles and Budweisers inside a mountaintop shanty called Corbet’s Cabin.

Certainly one of the best reads which notes many of Jackson’s bests, such; The Tram, Steep and Deep Camp, Corbet’s Couloir, The Bridger Gondola (.jpg) and even family friendly ski training for the tots–Kids Ranch.

Here’s some good video of some daring skiers taking on Corbet’s Couloir (explicit language).

Obviously Jackson has the best skiing otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but if you’d like to challenge Christopher’s PAF score, read about the other four contenders on Forbes.