Teton Village: 2011 Sales Breakdown

Big dollar sales in Teton Village tilted the value of Jackson area real estate favorably in 2011 with condos being the dominate property type. However, single-family and vacant land gave an average of over $1 million with a combined total of $18,350,000 between seven sales.

Single-Family: 4

Single-family homes accounted for $14 million in Teton Village among four sales. Valley-wide, list prices for 223 homes on the open market averaged $3.1 million when these numbers were compiled at the beginning of the year. Considering that list price is commonly higher than the actual sold price in this market, a “sold” average of $3.5 million for 2011 in Teton Village is good news for existing homeowners.

Condo/Townhome: 46

Despite the 33% decline of the average sale price settling at $998,543 by year’s end, 2011 sales are up 70% compared to 2010 with a total of 46 sales–one of which being the most expensive condo sale of $3.1 million for a 3 bedroom/3.5 bath at the Four Seasons.

Lots/Vacant Land: 3

If there’s one thing man cannot make more of, it’s land. Land in Teton Village supports how valuable dirt can be with only three sales accumulating $4,350,000. Two of the lots were additions in Jackson Hole Ski Corp. while the third wheel was in Granite Ridge.  Average for vacant land was an impressive $1,450,000.

Condo sales proved Teton Village to be a hot spot with the total sales being up by 70%. However, unlike the 61 condo sales in The Town of Jackson for 2011, Teton Village might not be as much of a “hot spot” for investors with an average sale price of $998,543 among the 46 total transactions. On the contrary, compare those 46 condo sales with only four single-family homes and three lots (one in the Granite Ridge subdivision and two in Jackson Hole Ski Corp.) totally over $18 million.