Jackson Hole oil on canvas by Kay Wyne & your favorite artists

Jackson Hole Oil on Canvas SoldWhile checking my Google alerts for Jackson Hole related news, I stumbled across a painting by a contempory artist from Texas who recently sold an oil on canvas of a chapel among some Jackson Hole scenery. The artist, Kay Wyne, mentioned revisting the painting and possibly painting some more in the next week. The thought of posting a quick mention, image of her painting and link to her blog might inspire her to do so.

It appears that the artist has another painting similar to the portrait shaped one posted as sold still for sale. The landscape shapped image can be seen below and in larger scale on her personal website.

Jackson Hole Chapel Oil on Canvas

Jackson Hole has a decent sized community of those who appreciate and support artists.

If you know of an artist who’s been inspired by our local nature, I invite you to share your favorites in the comments below. I’d love to even add locals to my resources page under Arts for others who love Jackson Hole to enjoy!