Westbank: 2011 Sales Breakdown

Real estate sales in the Westbank area remained fairly steady in 2011 with 68 of 408 single-family, condo, townhome or vacant lot total sales in Jackson Hole.

Single-Family: 44

North of Wilson had $53.923 million in sales (excluding resort areas zoned for nightly vacation rentals) from a total of 20 homes sold, and South of Wilson had 14 totalling $33.7 million. Remaining sales include one in The Aspens at Jackson Hole Racquet Club for $1.15 million and nine in Teton Pines totalling $18.863 million. Together, the Westbank accounted for $107,636,000 million in single-family homes sold alone.

Condo/Townhome: 17

The Westbank recorded 17 condo/townhome sales in 2011 with 10 condos at the Jackson Hole Racquet Club averaging $383,450 and seven townhomes at Teton Pines averaging $820,714.

Lots/Vacant Land: 7

Excluding resort areas, Westbank had seven lots sold, three North of Wilson and four south of Wilson with a total dollar volume of $2,630,000 and $6,950,000 respectively.

Among the 87 distressed sales, only 14 were in the Westbank of which three were at the Jackson Hole Racquet Club.

Across the valley, 55% of single-family home sales were under $1 million, yet (the Westbank) North of Wilson had an average sale price of $2.696 million with a median of $1.395 million and South of Wilson had an average sale price of $2.408 million with a median of $1.405 million.

Despite a 33% decline in number of condo sales at Jackson Hole Racquet Club, the average sale price of $383,450 is up 18%. With condo inventory throughout Jackson being 21% lower than 2010, the 18% increase in price at JH Racquet Club could prove to be a promising example in an equity building scenario. In addition, for the first time in almost two decades, someone who can afford 10% down and has a good credit score can pay less in a mortgage than in rent based upon the purchase of many listed condos under $400k.