2023 Quarter 4 Market Report

In 2023, Jackson Hole’s real estate market sought a new normal, marking a period of transition and adaptation. The year kicked off with interest rates reaching 20-year highs, recession predictions, and concerns about international unrest looming heavily on the minds of both buyers and sellers. These factors collectively contributed to a deceleration in the real estate market, even in Jackson Hole. Nevertheless, the scenario is far from bleak. In fact, Jackson Hole has, and presumably aways will, remain a location where demand far outpaces supply.

Despite a 7% decrease in the number of transactions in the overall market, the average sale price witnessed a 10% increase. This surge in average price was influenced by a thriving luxury market, accounting for approximately 20% of the total transactions and around a dozen closings surpassing the $15 million mark. The median sale price saw a modest decline of about 9% from the previous year, indicating a shift towards more stable pricing. Inventory remains a persistent issue across most market segments, with a 5% drop in active listings compared to the end of 2022. The number of listings under contract at year-end remained essentially flat from a year ago. As Jackson Hole’s real estate market strives to find equilibrium after years of rapid expansion, the time required to sell a property has increased by over 25%. Each segment of the market has reacted to the changing market pressures differently but overall, strong demand persists when price, condition, and location align appropriately.