2024 Quarter 2 Market Report

Jackson Hole’s real estate market continues to navigate challenges such as low inventory, higher interest rates, and record-breaking prices. Despite these obstacles, demand for Jackson Hole real estate remains robust, though different market segments have reacted inconsistently to these nuanced dynamics.

The number of transactions has steadily decreased for more than two years with a 7% drop from mid-year last year. Yet, persistently low inventory levels have kept prices stable since the 2021 peak. While the average sale price has remained flat, the median price has decreased by 7% compared to a year ago. This decline is largely due to a higher number of lower-priced properties sold in 2024, with sales of properties priced between $500,000 and $1 million increasing by over 40% compared to last year. Many of these properties include workforce-restricted housing and small, entry-level condos.

2024 Quarter 1 Market Report

As the year begins in Jackson Hole’s real estate market, there are no surprises. The stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and vast open spaces continue to attract buyers eager to establish roots in the area. Meanwhile, potential sellers grapple with the prospect of losing their advantageous low interest rates and finding suitable replacement properties.

Despite a 20% increase in overall inventory compared to the previous year, the number of properties for sale remains exceptionally low. This persistent low-inventory environment, coupled with strong demand, has kept real estate prices resilient. The overall average sale price rose by approximately 33% compared to the first quarter of 2023, partially driven by several properties fetching prices exceeding $20 million. However, the median sale price did decline by about 13%.

2023 Quarter 4 Market Report

In 2023, Jackson Hole’s real estate market sought a new normal, marking a period of transition and adaptation. The year kicked off with interest rates reaching 20-year highs, recession predictions, and concerns about international unrest looming heavily on the minds of both buyers and sellers. These factors collectively contributed to a deceleration in the real estate market, even in Jackson Hole. Nevertheless, the scenario is far from bleak. In fact, Jackson Hole has, and presumably aways will, remain a location where demand far outpaces supply.

Despite a 7% decrease in the number of transactions in the overall market, the average sale price witnessed a 10% increase. This surge in average price was influenced by a thriving luxury market, accounting for approximately 20% of the total transactions and around a dozen closings surpassing the $15 million mark. The median sale price saw a modest decline of about 9% from the previous year, indicating a shift towards more stable pricing. Inventory remains a persistent issue across most market segments, with a 5% drop in active listings compared to the end of 2022. The number of listings under contract at year-end remained essentially flat from a year ago. As Jackson Hole’s real estate market strives to find equilibrium after years of rapid expansion, the time required to sell a property has increased by over 25%. Each segment of the market has reacted to the changing market pressures differently but overall, strong demand persists when price, condition, and location align appropriately.

2023 Quarter 3 Market Report

Three quarters of the way through 2023 the real estate market in Jackson Hole is holding firm. It has been over a year since the real estate market experienced a shift in buyer sentiment, triggered by increasing mortgage rates and threats of a national recession. While many buyers have decided to put their purchasing plans on hold driving transactions down, pricing has remained robust compared to a year ago with the average sale price increasing 14%. Since the market shift began over a year ago, the number of transactions has been decreasing vastly compared to the spikes seen during the COVID-19 era. However, those decreases have leveled off with only a slight (-6%) decrease in transactions compared to a year ago. The number of properties available for sale ticked up 24% and so did the average time to sell, up 42%. This data indicates buyers are still buying when the price and circumstances align but there is little urgency to snag a property as soon as it hits the market.


2023 Quarter 2 Market Report

It has been about a year since the real estate market began shifting locally. A major question on many people’s minds is – Are prices coming down? Based on the year-over-year figures there isn’t any clear evidence of depreciation. In fact, the overall average sale price continued to increase, up 24% from a year earlier. Despite this average price increase, the overall market continues to experience challenges as many buyers wait on the sidelines for a “good deal” and others have been sidelined by affordability issues. The overall number of transactions dropped 14% even though buyers have a nice boost of available properties to choose from with 30% higher inventory compared to last year. Properties are staying on the market an average of 193 days which is up 53%. Could a combination of higher inventory, fewer sales, and longer marketing times force prices down?

2023 Quarter 1 Market Report

In the prior year, a significant transformation was observed in the real estate sector on both a national and local level. The rapid escalation of interest rates coupled with the prevailing economic uncertainty had a dampening effect on buyers’ sentiment, ultimately leading to a slowdown in the real estate market. The beginning of 2023 is witnessing a continuation of this trend, characterized by reduced transactions, price levels maintaining their gains from prior years, and a modest increase in available inventory. Despite these fluctuations, many are finding investment in real estate is a viable option in a turbulent and high-inflation environment.

The overall Jackson Hole real estate market, which includes all property types, experienced a modest decrease in transactions, down 8% compared to the first quarter of 2022. Nonetheless, the average sale price increased nearly 20% to just under $4 million. The drop in transactions led to the total dollar volume falling about 22%. The number of active listings available jumped over 120% compared to levels seen a year ago. This additional inventory is a welcome sign of a more stable market, however still at historically low levels. The number of pending listings dropped significantly, down 42% year over year, signaling that low transaction levels could persist through the year. On the plus side for buyers, properties took about 86% longer to sell, giving buyers an opportunity to be more selective and navigate the transactional process more easily.

2022 Year End Market Report

In 2022, the tide turned in Jackson Hole’s real estate market. After two years of explosive transaction levels and price growth following the pandemic, the real estate market reacted to a new set of economic conditions by cooling its heels. Interest rate increases, while still at historically lower levels, have caused some pause in the market, mostly in the primary home market. Second and vacation home buyers are less affected by rising rates, but all buyers have become more price-sensitive and more selective. Sellers today must be agile – but if the price is appropriate to condition and location, the demand is still strong.

The overall market had 51% fewer transactions in 2022 compared to 2021 which appears to be more on par with the volume seen in 2018. Despite sales activity slowing, prices remained strong with the average sale price up 5% and the median sale price up 30%. The number of active listings at year-end 2022 increased 68% compared to the prior year, yet inventory levels remain near historical lows. The imbalance of supply and demand, which is characteristic of Jackson Hole, maintains pricing levels gained from the past two years. That said, a leveling of price growth is a sign of a more balanced real estate market.

Jackson Hole Market Report Quarter One 2022

Quarter One of 2022 is the first chapter in a different real estate landscape in Jackson Hole. The significant shortage of inventory we have been experiencing for the last two years has hit home, causing the number of transactions to drop over 50% and total dollar volume to drop 23% when comparing Q1 2022 to Q1 2021.

The total dollar volume for Q1 2022 checked in at nearly $460M including an off market hotel sale of over $100M. However, it is important to remember that Q1 0f 2021 broke never-before-seen record highs in dollar volume. And while January and February of 2022 posted a lower sales volume than last year, decreased approximately $75M and $51M respectively, March 2022 experienced a rather profound uptick to approximately $142M.


Jackson Hole Market Report | 3rd Quarter 2021

Non-Reported Transactions on the Rise. With 31% of real estate sales occurring outside of the MLS (Multiple-List-Service),it is important to manually track ALL TetonCounty real estate sales. Typically, it is the higher-end sales that go unreported, vastly skewing the accuracy of MLS data alone.Our market report accounts for all sales, providing a comprehensive overview and deeper insight into the market.


Jackson Hole Market Report | 2nd Quarter 2021

I am pleased to present our comprehensive market report for Q2 2021. The Jackson Hole lifestyle with its wide-open spaces, wildlife, scenery, recreation, safety, ease of travel and tax benefits, appears to be more desirable than ever. Real estate year-to-date numbers through Q2 show no signs of slowing down. When comparing YTD through the second quarter 2021 to 2020, the number of transactions in Teton County nearly doubled to 427 and total sales volume more than doubled to $1.2B.

The continued exodus of individuals from cities in seek of a less-urban lifestyle, is pushing demand for local real estate to new heights. As a result, some sellers who own real estate in the area are taking advantage of this strong market. Inventory is down 56%, but that is a slight improvement from Q1 of 2021.