FREE Jackson Hole Ski Day!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been voted number one ski resort by SKI Magazine, and in celebration President Jerry Blann is saying “thanks” with a free ski day.

SKI Magazine’s survey, now in its 26th year, provides an annual snapshot of the Top 50 resorts in North America. Readers rank resorts in 20 different categories from snow and lifts, to dining and service. Jackson Hole earned the top spot this year, as well as Top 10 rankings in a wide range of areas, from Challenge and Character (both # 1’s) to Lodging (# 3) and Service (# 7).  For a mountain never known for extensive grooming until the recent “All New All Blue” initiatives, Jackson Hole ranked #19 in grooming this year. “Jackson Hole has done as good of a job as any resort in recent memory of expanding its appeal to a wider audience, now offering a remarkable experience to skiers of all talents and tastes,” Greg Ditrinco, Editor of SKI Magazine says.

…as if we didn’t already know.

Enjoy these Five Secret’s to Skiing Jackson Hole

Wolves in Indian Trails spark debate and caution

Reports of gray wolves have sparked some debate after a resident of the Indian Trails neighborhood captured some footage in his backyard.

There doesn’t seem to have been anything threatening to have happened as of yet, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service has planned to capture and euthanize the wolves before anything threatening does happen.

Concerned homeowners have pledged money for the cost of relocating the wolves rather than killing them, but the services wolf recovery coordinator Mike Jimenez insists that relocation won’t benefit the wolves in the long run. Jimenez has publicly shared his office phone number so that concerned residents can call and learn more about his decision to terminate the predators.

Mike Jimenez 307-733-7096

In the meantime, locals are being urged to keep their pets indoors and to keep an eye on children. JH Underground has done a fantastic job posting updates if you would like to get involved with the debate or even just see some impressive photos.

Jackson Hole oil on canvas by Kay Wyne & your favorite artists

Jackson Hole Oil on Canvas SoldWhile checking my Google alerts for Jackson Hole related news, I stumbled across a painting by a contempory artist from Texas who recently sold an oil on canvas of a chapel among some Jackson Hole scenery. The artist, Kay Wyne, mentioned revisting the painting and possibly painting some more in the next week. The thought of posting a quick mention, image of her painting and link to her blog might inspire her to do so.

It appears that the artist has another painting similar to the portrait shaped one posted as sold still for sale. The landscape shapped image can be seen below and in larger scale on her personal website.

Jackson Hole Chapel Oil on Canvas

Jackson Hole has a decent sized community of those who appreciate and support artists.

If you know of an artist who’s been inspired by our local nature, I invite you to share your favorites in the comments below. I’d love to even add locals to my resources page under Arts for others who love Jackson Hole to enjoy!

Where’s the best skiing in the US?

Jackson Ski Lift

Image Courtesy of Forbes

Author of a New York Times Bestseller and columnist for Forbes, Christopher Steiner not only ends his Forbes profile page with “I’m a skier,” but also compiled an impressive list of The Top 5 Ski Resorts in the United States.

What’s most exciting about his PAF rating of 99 (Pure Awesomeness Factor):

But the thing that separates Jackson Hole from the rest of North America’s grade-A mountains is that it has, rather impossibly, managed to retain all of its soul. This is still a place where the best skiers in the world, before skiing off of 50-foot cliffs, gulp down waffles and Budweisers inside a mountaintop shanty called Corbet’s Cabin.

Certainly one of the best reads which notes many of Jackson’s bests, such; The Tram, Steep and Deep Camp, Corbet’s Couloir, The Bridger Gondola (.jpg) and even family friendly ski training for the tots–Kids Ranch.

Here’s some good video of some daring skiers taking on Corbet’s Couloir (explicit language).

Obviously Jackson has the best skiing otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but if you’d like to challenge Christopher’s PAF score, read about the other four contenders on Forbes.


Added long-term appeal of Jackson Hole’s conservation.

I was just reading an article on Nantucket foreclosures and thinking just how similar that market is to Jackson Hole and Teton County.  Jackson Hole is truly an island, surrounded by national forest, wilderness and a 25,000-acre National Elk Refuge.  Nantucket’s Land Bank (pdf) owns about 50% of the island, but Jackson Hole is about 97.5% protected. Not only does Jackson Hole have all of the federally-owned lands, but much of the privately held properties are under some degree of conservation easement (Jackson Hole Land Trust, Jackson Hole Conversation Alliance, etc.) which further enhances the long-term appeal. Like an island, Jackson Hole provides memories, safety, family fun, adventure, and clean living.

Bad: Late snow storm delays typical real estate activity. Good: Grand Targhee extends season to 4/18.

Spring breakers are still out of town and it’s quiet’n JH this week. Late season snow storms have provided some of the best skiing of the year in the last ten days.

Grand Targhee extended their season to 4/18/10 and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is now closed until the 2010-2011 season. New real estate activity has been slight in the last two weeks, but look for new listings and some great bargains in the near future.