Condo & Townhome Q1 2017

Condo/Townhome sales have decreased for the second year in a row, with only 31 sales in Q1 2017 (down 21%). The average and median sale prices showed strong increases, up 38% and 18% respectively, when compared to Q1 2016. The decrease in the number of sales can be directly attributed to the lack of affordable listings. This is evident when the average list price for a condo/townhouse in 2017 is $1.51 million (up 21%). NOTE: This registers as the highest average list price ever, topping the second highest back in 2008 by 11%.

The hot spots for condo/townhome sales were in Teton Village and the Town of Jackson. Teton Village had 10 sales and the Town of Jackson had 12 sales, but both were down in the number of sales by 29% and 14% respectively.

The number of sales under $500,000 decreased by 50%. This decrease can be directly attributed to the 50% drop in available inventory priced under $500,000 in the first quarter of 2017. NOTE: While the numbers of sales in the above $1 million segment (11) did not change from 2016, there are currently 28 under contract, with 20 of those in Shooting Star.

The number of condo/townhouses under contract is up slightly, while the dollar volume is down 8%. Of the 48 currently under contract, 20 are Shooting Star Townhomes, where listing prices start at over $3 million. NOTE: 16% of the current inventory under contract is listed for under $500,000, with the least expensive listed at $275,000.

Available inventory of condos/townhomes decreased 21%, which equates to the second lowest level of available condo/townhome inventory in 10 years. This decrease in inventory can be directly attributed to a decrease of locals trading up from a condo to a single-family home with a back yard, and the lack of new affordable condo construction. NOTE: Teton Village holds 54% of the current available inventory, with an average list price of $2.1 million. Based on year-end 2016 results there are currently three months of available condo/townhouse inventory. Also noteworthy: 61% of the current available inventory is listed for less than $1 million, and 18% of the available inventory is listed for under $500,000.


This information was derived from the Hole Report, the full report can be found here: