Wolves in Indian Trails spark debate and caution

Reports of gray wolves have sparked some debate after a resident of the Indian Trails neighborhood captured some footage in his backyard.

There doesn’t seem to have been anything threatening to have happened as of yet, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service has planned to capture and euthanize the wolves before anything threatening does happen.

Concerned homeowners have pledged money for the cost of relocating the wolves rather than killing them, but the services wolf recovery coordinator Mike Jimenez insists that relocation won’t benefit the wolves in the long run. Jimenez has publicly shared his office phone number so that concerned residents can call and learn more about his decision to terminate the predators.

Mike Jimenez 307-733-7096

In the meantime, locals are being urged to keep their pets indoors and to keep an eye on children. JH Underground has done a fantastic job posting updates if you would like to get involved with the debate or even just see some impressive photos.